How To Prepare Your Hair For Autumn


It’s official – autumn is finally upon us. When the seasons change, it can be a welcome refresh that we’ve desperately been needing. But when it comes to our hair, that isn’t always the case.

No matter how hard you look after your hair in the warmer months, summer always takes its toll. So, before autumn fully sets in, treat your locks to a little R&R to get them healthy, happy and autumn-ready!

Get A Trim

In order for your hair to look and feel healthier, you need to keep on top of your trims. Whether your hair is coloured or naturally yours, summer can put strain on your locks like no other. Make sure to book in for a much needed trim at this time of your to make sure your hair stays happier for longer.

Stay Protected

We all know that heat damages hair, but how often do we honestly use heat protection? Pick up a gentle, protective spray like the Paul Mitchell Heat Seal and use every time you apply heat to your hair. It’s lightweight and adds a healthy shine too – you’ll definitely notice the difference if you use it regularly.

Banish Build Up

If you are a fan of hair products, you might notice a bit of build up from time to time. Even if you use them sparingly and follow the directions, your hair can start to feel a bit heavy when you use them regularly. Use a cleansing shampoo like Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo to clear your hair of build up and restore the right moisture balance too.

Refresh & Restore

Even when your hair is healthy, protected and super-duper cleansed, it might feel a little bit dry. If that’s the case, get ready for autumn with an intensive condition. The Redken Extreme Strength Builder is full of protein and protects your weak hair when you need it the most. Top tip: Use weekly for instant results!

Embrace The Change

When you’re feeling like your hair is happy and healthy, maybe you need a bit of a change to really get into the new season. If you’re blonde, why not go to the dark side for the colder months. Or, if you’re dark, why not inject a bit of warmth into your locks with a warmer shade of red. When we go from season to season, there’s no better time to embrace the change with your style.

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