Must-Have February Hair Products


February means more cold and wet weather and more damaged hair ends due friction with our scarves, turtleneck blouses, and other clothing items. Also, because we wear a lot of sweaters, static electricity is another enemy of our hair that we have to face during the cold season.

Spring will arrive, eventually, but until then we need to make sure that our hair is in the best shape possible. Here is a list with must-have products this February that will keep your hair supple, healthy, and shinny.

The right hair brush can do wonders

Did you know what most hair breakage occurs after the shower, when we try to detangle our wet hair?

Wet hair is more susceptible to getting broke, as you pull on it to get those knots out and prepare your hair for styling. Some may say not to brush your hair until it is fully dry, but who can afford it? The weather outside is cold and it is unpleasant to walk around with wet hair, even if it is indoors.

Also, considering that some of us use hot air brushes to dry and style their hair, having the hair tangled prior to this is not an option. So, the best way to go is using the Ultimate Hair Detangling Brush

Hair Brush

It’s perfect both for wet and dry hair and hair of all types, including hair extensions. Not only will it help you detangle your hair with ease, but it will also promote a shinny and healthy hair.

Don’t forget about heat protection

When the weather outside is warm enough, we may be tempted to allow our hair to dry by itself, but when it’s cold all we think about it how to dry it faster.

Whether we are talking about drying our hair with a hair dryer or using styling items that apply heat, keeping our hair protected is a must.

The high temperature coming from our hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, and rotating hot air brush inflicts damage on our hair. Without proper protection, our hair will soon be dull, brittle, fragile, and pretty much lifeless.

If you like styling your hair, making sure that it looks amazing all the time, do your best and take good care of it by applying adequate protection before using any heat on your hair.

Heat Seal

The Paul Mitchell Heat Seal is exactly what you need to keep your hair sealed each time you use heat on it. The product is actually activated by the use of heat, when drying or styling the hair, for an adequate protection. Also, it provides a light hold to your hair, while giving it a healthy shine, so that it will look more than perfect once you are done styling it.

Lock that moisture in

In the cold season and in any other season as a matter of fact, it is highly important to maintain a proper hydration level for your hair. We need to lock that moisture in and not allow our hair to lose the precious water that makes it so supple, elastic, and shinny.

Unfortunately, due to wind and cold weather, and all the styling items we use, our hair looses a lot of moisture, so the risk of getting damaged and dehydrated hair is quite significant. If you are thinking about the fact that you use conditioners and various masks, do know that sometimes that is not enough. You may need something more potent, more efficient, something like hair oil.

Hair Oil

The Orofluido Beauty Elixir Hair Oil contains three organic oils brought together in a combo that will restore the health and moisture of your hair. The product does not require rinsing, the hair will absorb it quickly and efficiently, without having a greasy effect on it.

Argan oil, linseed oil, and cyperus oil are the oils that compose this precious treatment, which can be applied both on wet and dry hair, according to needs. Just a few drops are sufficient to get a significant improvement.

Gorgeous hair with hair spray

We talked about keeping the hair protected and hydrated, but this doesn’t mean that our hair should not look fabulous during the cold season. No matter what time of the year it is, we all love to style our hair and make it look beautiful.

So, since we like styling our hair, we need a reliable hair spray to enjoy a long lasting hairstyle. The TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Firm Hold Hairspray is the type of spray you need to have around.


With botanical extracts of jasmine, violet, lavender and wisteria, it will not just help you obtain a long lasting finish, as it will also provide reliable protection for your hair, regardless of season.

The weather may not be friendly just yet, but we are ready to face it and look stunning no matter what. Because our hair is an important piece of our beauty arsenal, this list of products will definitely help us maintain our hair and keep it in great shape.

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