Pre Bonded Attachment Types


When it comes to hair extensions, there’s often a lot to know. Whether you want to extend your locks or add in a lot of volume, the Hairtrade range of Remy and human hair extensions always looks great. But, if you’re new to extensions, you might not know what style is best for you.

For long lasting, good-hair-day ready locks as soon as you wake up, you want Pre Bonded Hair Extensions. Fit to your individual hair strands, without the need to clip them in and out, they’re your go-to for instant length and volume. But, with four main types of attachment, you might want to work out which style is right for you.

Nail Tip

Nail Tip or U Tip attachments are hair extensions that at dipped in keratin at the top. As the safest form of bonding glue, you know you’re covered when it comes to removing the extensions without damaging your own hair. Rolled into a nail shape tip, these hair extensions are easy to apply to your natural hair using a professional heat connector.

Stick Tip

Also with a keratin bond at the top, Stick Tip hair extensions have a similar purpose to nail tips, but the shape is different. Straight and circular, these bonds are attached to the hair using micro rings rather than glue. Sometimes referred to as I Tip extensions, they’re quick and easy to apply and leave no damage to the natural hair.

Flat Tip

Pre bonded Flat Tip hair extensions look like a blend of both the nail tip and stick tip styles. Wide like a nail tip but straight like a stick tip, the flat tip attachment gives you a slightly wider bonding area to play with. Made from keratin, you’re also working with the safest bonding material in hair extensions, meaning that your hair can still grow safely with extensions attached.

Nano Tip

And finally, we have the Nano Tip hair extension attachment. Known as the nano ring design, these bonds are completely different to the previous three. The top of the hair is bonded, but it’s super small. Using a nano ring to apply the hair by pressing it shut, your bonds will be ultra discreet, but still super strong.

Now that you’ve got to know the main four a little bit better, which type of hair pre bonded hair extension attachment will be the one for you?

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