Autumn Boho Hair Inspiration


Each season always comes with a signature style that suits it well. Winter works with sleek, dark, and sharp hair styles. Spring is always at its best when hair is soft, playful, and sweet. Summer is the month where we can get a little looser with styles, centre partings, and curls. But autumn, autumn comes alive with all things bohemia.

The natural colours that complement the season of autumn always set the trends. And with the warm shades, boho vibes should never be that far behind. So if you’re looking to shake up your hair for autumn, here’s all the boho inspiration you could need.


Simple hairstyle lovers will be glad that braids are not only back for autumn, but they’re here to stay. This style is sassy and straightforwards for the summer months, but completely comes into itself in autumn. Instead of going for chunky french styles, opt for something a little lighter. Keeping your hair natural and plaiting in a few loose braids is the perfect way to channel ‘60s style bohemia with your hair.


And where there are braids, you know that waves are not that far behind. Because there’s nothing more boho that styling out some loose waves. And while you could use your straightening iron or curling wand to create loose waves, something like the Babyliss Pro Triple Barrel Waver is so much quicker. Creating those crimp-like waves, you’ll get incredible retro vibes in just a few minutes.


Colour wise, almost every shade is going to work well for you, but if you really want to embrace all things autumn, you should really opt for red. Whether you choose with a vibrant henna-style red, or go for more of a burnt-orange auburn, your hair will easily become more autumnal than ever.


And when it comes to the accessories you should be considering for the perfect autumn hairstyle, think feathers. Because what could be more boho than wearing feathers in your hair? With something like the I&K Feather Hair Extensions, you’ll instantly feel like you’ve entered into a hairstyle throwback.

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