Ponytails: Your A-List Inspiration


Hairstyles come and go. But when it comes to one of the most classic styles around, the ponytail sure has earned its stripes. Not only is this hairstyle super easy to achieve and a favourite among those of us that need a quick fix, it can look chicer than chic when we need something smart.

But it is easy to find yourself going for the same old styles when it comes to wearing your hair up. Because it’s super simple to tie your locks up in a top-knot and leave them that way for the day. If you want to shake things up, style out some uber chic looks, and learn a few new tricks, let’s take a look at some A-List ponytail inspiration to help you do it.

Waved High Pony

Ponytails can often take their tone based on where they are placed. For times when you want to work with a sharp, stylish, and power kind of ponytail, you need to take it higher. Because high pony’s always give off strong vibes.

Waved High Ponytail

When you want to make an impression, you could leave it long and straight, but the best choice will always be to wear it waved. A waved high pony looks elegant and sexy, but is still smart enough for your high-powered events.

Sleek & Low

Or maybe you want to work with a hairstyle that’s super prim and polished? When you want a well put together look, you have to style it sleek. And one of the sleekest ways to wear a pony is to nip it in at the nape of the neck and slick back the sides.

Sleek & Low ponytail

A sleek and low ponytail never fails to make a first class impression, whatever the occasion.

60s Style

For times when you want to work with something sweet and soft, maybe for casual affairs or daytime looks, you should look to the ‘60s for your hairstyle inspiration. Because going for a bouffant, soft curls, and an overall feminine air will never do you wrong.

60s Style Ponytail

It can even give a girly finish to an otherwise sophisticated hairstyle.

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