Get the look: Olivia Wilde (Oscars 2016)

Get the look: Olivia Wilde (Oscars 2016)

Olivia Wilde has a stunning appearance, whether she is performing in a movie, is present at an event, or is just herself. here are the steps you need to take, and you will end up just as glamorous as she is. Braided buns, just like the one Olivia Wilde chose to wear, are hot in the trends for this season, so don’t hesitate to do your own.

Step One

You will need to start texturing the hair, making it look wavy, a bit negligent and romantic, before beginning to make the bun. So you will need a curling iron, one-inch wide, which you will use on your clean hair, after blow drying it first. Applying the curling iron on wet hair will burn it. To best protect your hair against the heat of the hair dryer and curling iron, use a thermal hair protector spray on your wet hair. The Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection will be great for this purpose, making sure that the hair remains undamaged during the styling process, by creating a protective layer.

Step Two

Start curling your hair, by taking large hair sections and wrapping them around the barrel of the curling iron, with leaving the end out. Brush the hair before the process, because it will be very hard to curl it if it is tangled. Do this with all of your hair. If your hair is soft and you want to define the loose curls, you can use the TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier. Not only will it make your curls look beautiful, but will prevent having a frizzy look.

Step Three

Once you are done with the curls, you will need to take a comb and make a deep side, in any part of the head you will prefer. For the Oscar, Olivia preferred to make the deep side in the left part, but this is mainly how you feel more comfortable. Once this side is created, you will have to take the front part of the hair, and start making a simple French braid, which should begin from the deep side. It will be worn as a natural hair crown, so this is why you have to start it from the deep side, for it to cover most of your head.

Step Four

The rest of the hair, which is below the crown, should be taken and put together in a low ponytail, centered on your backhead. Twist the hair in the ponytail in a nice and clean bun, and secure it with thin hair pins. Use as many as necessary to make sure the bun will stay in its place. It will be easier to make the bun out of several hair strands, pinned separately than to try to pin the entire ponytail. Plus, twisting the hair strands will create a bit of a volume in your bun.

Step Five

It is time to finish the bun. Take the French braid you made using the front part of your hair, and wrap the remaining of it around the bun. It will give it a more sophisticated look, much preferred by Olivia. You will have to secure the braid with hair pins as well. To make sure that this hairstyle will last a good while, use a hair fixing spray. The Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity Hairspray will work perfectly as it will keep your hair in a pristine shape, without creating buildups and making it look artificial. And for transforming a dull hair into a beautiful and shiny one, without an oily appearance, the Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray will do the trick. It has precious argan oil and vitamin E, both of the essential for healthy hair. It is time to enjoy your Olivia Wilde Oscar 2016 hairstyle!

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