Classic 50’s Hairstyles You Need to Try in 2016


If we look at the trends, the oldies are the goldies. Yup, the glorious styles of the past decades are coming back. Not just when it comes to fashion, which we already see a lot of, but for hairstyles too! We’ve found loads of inspiration from some of the classic 50’s hair styles, from which we picked 5 styles you definitely need to try this year. Not only will you steal all of the attention, but you will also look fabulous!


1. The romantic medium bob


Rock and Roll romantic bob
If you have a medium or long sized bob you should try this super simple feminine and elegant hairdo.

A rotating hot air styling brush will help you with this style, as you just need to turn the tips. The best way to make the hair style last, is to use the rotating brush on clean damp hair. While the brush is rotating, roll the lower half of a hair strand onto it’s barrel Making sure the brush is on the outside, as the tips should be oriented outwards, not inwards. Do the same with the rest of your hair, until you have a chic hairdo with the tips curled up.

Next, with the help of some hair pins, grab the front hair strands, one at a time, and secure them in the back. Don’t tighten them too much around your head though, leaving them a bit loose, for an easy going look.

To lock the hair style, use a high-quality hair finishing spray that still leaves a natural look. A great spray would be the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Finishing Spray.

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Finishing Spray


2. Glossy waves


Gorgeous glossy evening waves

Are you looking for a hair style for an night out? Try this one.

Use a curling iron to make some curls on the entire length of your hair. Once you are done, you will need a hair brush to loosen up the curls, creating some waves. You will need to brushing the hair gently, taking care not to destroy the curls.

With the help of some hair pins, lock the front hair strands. Take a generous strand from each side, and turn the tips inward until you manage to create a tube-like shape. Rotate the tube of hair until you reach the scalp, use the hair pins to secure it. Don’t make it too tight, as the tube must be nicely visible. Do the same for each side of your hair, until you have to gorgeous tube-shapes on top of your head.

Use a shine spray for a sophisticated and elegant look. The Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray is just the product you need, creating a wonderful glossy look without making your hair slick.

Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray


3. The pinup ponytail


Pinup Ponytail

For this hair style large rollers will help a lot as they will add volume to your hair, but a rotating hair brush will do as well if you have the patience to roll one thin strain at a time. Once you are done with the curls, a comb with rare dents will help you loosen and break the curls without ruining their shape.

You will have to take the front end of the hair and brush it forward above your eyes. Take the ends and roll them inward to create a tube that will end up above your forehead. Use hair pins to secure it.

With the rest of the hair, put up a ponytail on top of your head, as high as possible. Tease the hair at the base of the ponytail for extra volume and use a finishing spray to smoothen and lock it down.


4. Marilyn Monroe curls


Marylin Monroe Cute Curls

If you always loved the way Marilyn Monroe had her hair, it is time to try it out. Perfect if you have a medium bob.

You can use a curling iron although small head rollers are much better, or even some hair curlers if you have them around. The curls need to come out nice and tight.

Before styling your hair, use the Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment. It will protect your hair from heat, repair damages and split ends, lock in the colour, and make your curls shiny.

When the hair is dry and curls formed nicely, you will need a comb with rare dents, or use your fingers to gently break down the curls and for a uniform look. Then with a hair pin secure the front hair strands, by twisting the hair inside. A chic hair band will complete the look for a romantic appearance.

Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment


5. Pump up the volume


Hair raising volume boost

To achieve this hair style, you will need to give your hair a good blow-dry, especially near the roots.

Before starting the blow-dry, use a product for maximising the volume of your hair. Such a product would be Sexy Hair Big Spray & Play Harder Firm Volumizing Hairspray.

Use a round hair brush and start to blow-dry near the scalp first, taking one hair strand at a time. Start from the lower part, while the rest of the hair is pinned up, and work your way to the top. When blow-drying each hair strand, keep the round brush rolled on the inside at the roots, and then take it out and turn the tips on it on the outside. For a retro look, you need to have the tips pointing out. For even more volume, tease the hair that is on top of your head. Then just gently comb it towards the back, to make it look tidy, without damaging the tease you did. A finishing spray will make it look outstanding.

Sexy Hair Big Spray & Play Harder Firm Volumizing Hairspray

Hope you’ll enjoy all these hair styles, coming to the present day from the 1950s. They are all gorgeous, feminine and romantic, and not as complicated to make as they may look. With these hairdos, you will definitely be the center of attention wherever you will go.

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