Member Discount
When the total of your orders reach a certain amount, you will be upgraded to a higher grade membership and you will get a corresponding discount. This discount will apply to your next order until your total orders amount reaches the higher grade. Currently we offer 5% discount when you reach a total order amount of £1000 (inc tax) and 10% discount when you reach a total order amount of £5000 (inc tax) and 15% discount when you reach a total order amount of £10,000 (inc tax). The customer discount is on everything except sales & special items. You can find out your current discount info in the Discount Group section in MY ACCOUNT page

Trade Account
The trade account prices are different to the default prices and the sale/offer prices are not applicable.

My email address/password is not recognised
Maybe you registered with more than one email address? It is often the case that people forget which email address they used to register with us. Remember you must use the exact email address and password combination with which you first registered in order to log back in to the site.

Maybe you have forgotten your password? If so we can send you your password to the email address you registered with us. Just fill in the box by Password Forgotten on the login page. If you still cannot receive the new password please Contact Us.

If these are not successful or you have other email address or password related problems please Contact Us quoting your registered email address.

I’m having trouble with my shopping cart
The most common resolution for this problem is to delete the cookies on your PC and try again. To do this please click on the Tools tab at the top of your Internet Browser, then select Internet Options. On the first screen that pops up, select Delete Cookies then click OK. You should then not experience any further shopping cart problems.

Certain customers are having a problem whereby they place an item in their shopping basket, browse the website further and place another item in their basket, but when they return to their basket the first item has disappeared.

If this is happening to you, it may be because you are using the back button on your browser, rather than the links in the website itself. Please try again using the continue shopping button on the basket page and then only click on links within the [email protected] website. Do not use your back button, or any other button on your browser if you can help it.

We use cookies to remember who you are, please make sure that you can accept cookies from us, for an explanation of cookies Click here.

If these problems persist please Contact Us.

Promotional Discount
Promotional discount codes cannot be used in conjunction with membership discount. If a promotional discount code is of a higher value than the membership discount, the difference in the discount will be applied.

Other Technical Problems
If problems persist please contact us with the following information

  • Internet Browser (e.g. Firfox 47, IE 11)
  • What URL you were trying to access (e.g.
  • What time the problem occurred
  • Error message you are getting
  • Your registered email if applicable

Customer Services

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