New Year Nails


We love a bit of sparkle for this time of year, and since New Years Eve is quickly approaching I thought this would be a fun tutorial to do because you can do these nails in any color combo – black & gold, white & silver, pastels and rose gold, the list is endless.

new year nails 2All you need is a base coat, a block colour, a glitter colour, and a top coat, plus a small brush. I used Jessica Custom Nail Colour in Starlight Starbright and YCC gold glitter.

new year nails 1

Step 1

Prep the nails with a base coat and once completely dry, apply your chosen block colour. Here I used two coats of Jessica Custom Nail Colour in Starlight Starbright. After it has dried, you can apply a top coat to make sure the glitter doesn’t smudge when you add the glitter polish.

Step 2

Using your glitter polish (I used YCC gold glitter) add a small amount of polish to the tip of your nail – Remember to add a little at a time so that the glitter doesn’t run everywhere.

Step 3

Using a small nail art brush, gently drag the glitter polish out and up towards the cuticle until you’re half way up the nail. Only drag a small amount as you want it to fade out.

Step 4

After you’ve dragged it out, add a final layer of glitter polish to the tip of the nail again to intensify the fade out. Add your topcoat to help settle the glitter.

Perfect party nails in no time at all! Which colour combination would you go for?

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