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We love reading posts about ‘What’s in my bag’ (maybe we’re just nosy?) so we thought we’d all do one each so you get to see a little bit about each of us.

This week it’s Emma and an insight into her everyday bag with her essentials for organisation and beauty!

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I always carry my purple makeup bag with me, and it includes the usual essentials – powder, concealer, blush so if I head out after work I can easily top up my makeup! My favourite at the moment is Daniel Sandler Lipstick in red (number 4). It’s perfect for adding a pop of colour if the rest of your outfit/makeup is a little on the plain side.

For my hair, I love a bit of volume and texture so I carry around my holy grail status Redken Wool Shake (number 1). The best thing about it is that I can add more at the end of the day and give my hair a bit of oomph. I also carry around my compact Tangle Teezer (number 3).

My perfume of choice is Curious by Britney Spears (number 2)- it’s a gorgeous scent and the bottle is extremely pretty!

Then it’s down to the usual suspects in my bag – the phone, glasses and diary to keep me on track!

What are your everyday handbag essentials?

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