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During the summer months we all look after our skin, using spf on a daily basis, keeping our skin moisturised and being extra careful in the sun. But what about your hair? Just like your skin, hair can be damaged and dried out with sun, salt water, sweat and chlorine. If you wear hair extensions, they can be especially damaging.

So follow our top tips to care for your hair extensions during the summer.

1. Don’t allow your extensions to soak in water for too long. Bond and tape are most fragile when wet so they need extra care. Once you get them wet, dry the bonds immediately (you can leave the rest of the hair to dry naturally).

2. Avoid swimming. Salt water from the sea can dry the hair extensions which causes matting. The chlorine can also damage the hair as well as turning blondes an unsightly colour! Avoid swimming if you wear hair extensions! However if you do decide to swim, wear a swimming cap or style your hair in a braid or low bun to avoid tangling. After swimming, rinse your hair immediately with fresh water and apply a nourishing conditioner.

3. Avoid ponytails. We all love throwing our hair up into a ponytail for ease to keep our hair out of our faces, but remember that ponytails can add extra tension to the bonds. Instead, try a a braid or a low bun.

4. Keep hair extensions moisturised. Just like your own hair, the sun can really dry out hair extensions (whether clip in or pre bonded). To avoid them turning dry and matted, use a treatment such as I&K Leave In Spray after sun exposure to restore moisture.

I&K Leave In Antistatic Spray

5. Use the correct hair care. Many high street shampoos and conditioners contain ingredients that will damage and dry out hair extensions. Use a shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for hair extensions such as I&K Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner. Gently brush the hair before washing and remember to only apply conditioner to the mid-sections and ends, avoiding the roots. Also use a brush designed for hair extensions so that it does not tug at the hair. Protect the ends of the hair using Moroccanoil to help repair dry ends.

I&K Moisturising ShampooI&K Moisturising Conditioner

Hair Extension Loop Brush Moroccanoil

6. Use a detangling spray. If your hair extensions do become tangled, avoid trying to brush them out aggressively. Instead, use a detangling spray first such as I&K Detangle Spray for human hair. This will add moisture to the hair and allow you to easily comb through the hair extensions without damaging them.

I&K Detangle Spray

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