Halloween Makeup & Competition


As soon as October hits, we can’t help but think of nothing else than Halloween. Beauty has many occasions throughout the year, but by far one of the most creative has got to be Halloween. With not long to go, we thought it would be the perfect time to not share some inspiration, but host a competition.


So whether you’re planning on heading out, hosting a party or keeping it simple, sneak a peak at our inspiration for the perfect makeup and nail looks this Halloween.


Are you a cute little cat, bunny or even a mouse? If you’re thinking of doing Halloween Mean Girls style, then you’re going to want a little makeup to set of your style. We love the cat look above, meaning you have to add just a little black to the nose-lip area and cheeks to set off your new feline face! Alter the style a little for your character and you’ll be good to go!


Not all Halloween events and costume require face-paint style makeup. Sometimes, just a little shadowing and a strong lip can do the trick. Simply whiten out the skin with powder for a more ghoulish effect and you’re smoky eye will be set of a treat!


A fan the theatrics? We know some of you will be. If you’re dying to channel a little something out of the ordinary and over the top, how about this snake-like charm? Lots of grey, sparkles and scales will have just the effect you were looking for. If not, scrap the scales and just opt for glitter – that will never fail you!


Now for the fun part. The nail art! Do you remember our last nail art post? Not only did we share our favourite way of finding inspiration, but the top trends too. This time, we want you to get creative. Whether you’re keeping it simple with a spooky colour palette or want your nails to do the talking, we want to know. Why? Read on to find out…


Competition Time!

We’re giving our spookiest fans the chance to win this amazing set of Corioliss C2 Professional Irons in Galaxy Limited Edition worth £70! All you have to do to enter is tweet us @Hairtrade with a pic of your best Halloween look, whether it’s crazy backcombed hair, cute Halloween nail art or dramatic nightmarish make up and include the hashtag #hairtradehalloween. Competition runs 21st-31st October. Winner will be announced 2nd November.


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