Hair and Beauty Hacks for 2016


Men and women have been looking for quick and easy ways to improve their appearance since the beginning of time. As sciences advance and societal norms change, hair and beauty tricks transform as well. In 2016, there are now hacks for everything, including your face, hair, and nails.


The three main areas of concern for most people are: the face, the hair, and the hands. Aside from a person’s physique, those are the most important features. However, maintaining and improving those features can be costly and frustrating. Well, not anymore. Try out these hair and beauty hacks before giving up completely.



Did you know that you can get rid of those unsightly blackheads on your chin, cheeks, and nose in about 10 minutes? Yes today that`s possible with the the most effective medicated cleanser available on the market. Hydroviton CR Skin Perfecting Cleanser from DS Laboratories is indicated to correct skin that looks and feels gray, dry, flaky, itchy, oily shortly after washing, unusually sensitive, or any combination of these symptoms.


Dermatologists, cosmetologists, and users herald the treatments of DS Laboratories as best in their categories. Benefits come via multiple pathways because the first-class cosmeceutical formula contains natural fruit acids and other keratolytics to stimulate healthy desquamation, restore youthful texture, combat harmful toxins, decrease excess sebum, dissolve acneform lesions, evacuate clogged pores, and reduce pore size.


In many cultures, a person’s hair is their crowning glory. The same can be said about your own mane, especially if you take good care of it. While you may have already tried numerous tricks to whip your hair into shape, you are bound to have a bad hair day once in a while. Frizziness and fly-away hair strands can make even the best style look incomplete. When that time comes, use the Sexy Hair Big Healthy Stocking Filler Pack


Stocking filler set includes a Soy Moisturizing Shampoo that penetrates hair to moisturize, cleanse and protect them. Preserves hair color and protects against environmental damage. Soy Moisturizing Conditioner, that provides moisture and detangles,leaving hair shiny and protected. And Soy Renewal Oil that helps nourish, protect and heal hair damage with the power of Argan oil.

A little trick to quickly dry you hair is to usepaper towels, use some paper instead of cotton towels. By blotting wet hair with a paper towel, it absorbs much more water than a standard towel.



Don’t let your hands give you away your age! Hands are a notorious age-giveaway, but studies show certain tricks can hide the signs. In fact, wearing nail polish can distract people from noticing common maturity signs such as veins and age spots.

If you’re very fair, don’t pick a too dark nail polish, or it can make your hands look washed out. If you have very square nails, avoid anything too light. This basically comes down to trial and error though; sometimes you have to try something to see that it doesn’t work for you. We recommend a soft and subtle pink – Jessica Flight Of Fancy Nail Polish


Remember to not shake the nail varnish – it creates bubbles in the liquid. Instead roll the bottle between your hands. It’ll mix the colour and you’ll get a perfectly smooth coat.

Just like we have shortcuts to folders on our desktop, the beauty industry is filled with tips and tricks that ensure make-up artists, nail artists and hair stylists can deliver flawless results time and time again. Using hair and beauty hacks allows you to remain confident in your appearance without forcing you to spend a lot of money or put in a ton of effort. If you have a hair or beauty hack that you would like to share with our readers, simply leave a comment below.

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