Featured Review: One Girl and a Blog – I&K 100% Human Hair Clip-in Hair Extensions


The lovely Rachelle from One Girl and a Blog reviewed I&K 100% Human Hair extensions, available exclusively at Hairtrade. And here are her thoughts…

I&K Hair Extensions Review

Now, i may not seem like your typical hair extension type of girl but after getting a set for my high school prom to add to my totally OTT hair style, i ended up wearing them from time to time for nights out etc and really liked the extra something it added to my hair. I’ve not got round to repurchasing extensions since i finally got my hair to the colour i wanted. However, it’s pretty much the most bizarre colour ever so it was never going to be easy getting a set to match. As expected, when these arrived they weren’t quite right so i decided i would just dye them. These pictures were taken before dying as i wanted to give you an idea of the true quality of them before sticking chemicals on them. The hair is 100% human hair and is clip in (the thought of gluing hair to my head repulses me.) You get a good mix of 1, 2 and 3 clip wefts so it’s easy to get the right combination for your hair. The hair is of a good quality and is sleek and soft and not at all fake looking so it blends in pretty seamlessly with your hair. These are the 18′ version so they add a fair few inches to my hair. I only tend to wear these when i’m wearing my hair curly so there’s no obvious line between the two but i reckon if i wore these with my hair straight i’d probably need a little more hair to make it seamless.

So the dying? I first of all ‘highlighted’ them with a medium golden blonde colour (7.3 for those of you who want specifics.) I just picked out some strands and coloured those freehand but the overall tone was still a little ashy so i ran an 8.3 toner through it which magically turned the extensions the exact same colour as my hair which i was pretty chuffed with. The hair dyed perfectly well and although there was a little shedding, it hasn’t really ruined the hair too much either.

So here are the results- apologies for the shoddy photos. I think they look pretty natural and on this particular day even my Mum was shocked when i started un-clipping them which is quite the achievement as my Mum is the fake (tan/hair/nails) Nazi!

Overall? I would say these are a good quality and well priced option if you’re looking for clip in extensions to be used from time to time when you want a little more ‘oomph.’ I can see these lasting me well with a little care and attention and will definitely be using them lots! You can check these and a range of other clip in and weft hair extensions at Hairtrade.

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