Featured Review: Afro Boudoir – I&K 100% Human Hair Clip-in Hair Extensions


Fabulous Madeka from Afro Boudoir reviewed I&K 100% Human Hair extensions, available exclusively at Hairtrade. And here are her thoughts…

Tried & Tested: I&K Clip In Hair Extensions

We should start by saying that we aren’t huge fans of hair extensions – nothing against them personally, just never really had the need or desire to wear them.

Our interest was first piqued when we got to thinking about ways to brighten up our hair. Between us we both have natural hair – one short, afro 4b hair and the other long – a mix of every letter hair curl known to man but normally worn straight (see pictures here).

The long haired one of us tried out a few ombre tracks once but as her hair was naturally already rather long, the tracks didn’t have the desired effect, were removed after a week and are now languishing in a bag at the back of the wardrobe.ombre-hairNot quite ombre!

Now we’ve joined the Hairtrade product review panel, we are set to receive a variety of hair/beauty products, the first of which was a pack of 100% human hair I&K Clip in Hair Extensions (18 inches). The pack contains enough hair to comfortably fit a whole head and the clips are very securely attached onto the hair so they don’t get loose over time.I&K-Clip on_straightI&K Clip in Hair Extension

The hair has been measured so certain pieces fit perfectly across the right part of the head. Fringe pieces were also included. The hair itself is silky straight and tangle free with minimal shedding, which we took as a sign of a good quality product. Unless you’re an extensions aficionado, we recommend getting a friend to help you with putting them in. The hair itself is 100% human hair so can be washed, dried, cut and curled just like your own hair.

The wefts are jet black and dead straight so you could probably wear them for at least a week without having to straighten your hair. The clips are quick and easy to attach so it wouldn’t take very long to do your hair in the morning.

Here’s the hair without extensions:

Here’s the putting them in process:hair-extensionshair-extensions-2

And the end result:hair-extensions-3

Overall we were very pleased with the product; they are great for adding length and/or volume, and are suitable for all types of hair.

How do you think it looks?

I&K Clip In Hair Extensions (18 inches) £59.99

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